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When someone dies without a will, state law determines how their property will be distributed. State law also helps in choosing the administrator. Our Kingston, New York, probate attorneys want clients to know that probate does not need to be an expensive or lengthy process.

If a family member or friend has died without a will, or if they have a will and you have been appointed executor, contact a Kingston/Poughkeepsie estate administration lawyer at 800-901-2525. We've been doing it for over 50 years. Trust our experience.

The Experience Your Family Needs

Our probate and estate planning lawyers, headed by attorney Sean Denvir, are familiar with the probate and estate planning process. Every day, we help executors and administrators sort out complex questions such as:

  • Which family members and beneficiaries get legal notice?
  • How do I determine which expenses and debts get paid?
  • Can I be paid for my work as executor or administrator?
  • Do I pay estate taxes? Can I avoid certain taxes?
  • What is a probate petition?
  • When do I distribute assets to the beneficiaries?
  • How do I transfer legal title of the property?

Important Timetables For Probate And Estate Administration

Probate can take less than a year or several years, depending on the nature of the estate. An inventory is due six months after the court appoints the executor. Creditors usually have just seven months to make their claims. Estate taxes are due nine months after death. These are just a few of the deadlines. Our probate and estate administration attorneys help executors and administrators manage the timetables so that taxes are paid on time and the necessary paperwork is filed.

We take referrals of contested wills and represent clients in contested will litigation. We're in the courts every day. We've been doing it for more than 50 years. Trust our experience.

Please read our frequently asked questions regarding probate.

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