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New York State Slip-And-Fall Accident Lawyers

Representation In Ulster County-Dutchess County

Put yourself in this situation: You are in the produce section of a grocery store; you slip on something, fall down, get up, and continue grocery shopping. You might even look around to see if anyone noticed your fall, feeling a little embarrassed. At Ryan Roach & Ryan, LLP, our New York slip-and-fall injury lawyers, led by attorney Bill Ryan, know that the problems from a slip-and-fall may not show up immediately. After a slip-and-fall, you may feel reluctant to contact a lawyer, dismissing it as nothing serious. Injuries and complications may not show up until later.

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Kingston Premises Liability Attorney

Property accidents can occur on both public and private property, and our Kingston premises liability lawyers can represent you in a claim. If you have suffered a serious injury, fracture, head injury, or broken bones, we can help you recover damages. If a loved one died a wrongful death, we will help you get the monetary compensation you deserve.

  • Grocery stores — failure to warn about wet floors, dangerous display cases
  • Shopping malls — negligence and inadequate security, dangerous parking lots, snow and ice conditions
  • Schools — injuries to children, dog bites
  • Apartments and condominiums — stairway falls, broken railings, dangerous parking lots, and snow and ice conditions

What are your legal rights when you are injured in a slip-and-fall? Contact the Poughkeepsie property accident lawyers of Ryan Roach & Ryan, LLP, at 845-481-1542. Our experienced lawyers have represented clients in slip-and-falls for over 50 years.


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